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Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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Oct 24th 2017

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Guild of the Artificers offers a treasure trove of new content in this spellbinding follow up to the highly acclaimed JRPG, Shadows of Adam.

Picking up where Shadows of Adam left off, Guild of the Artificers will enchant players new and old with fresh content liberally placed throughout the core game every step of the way. The jam-packed DLC features 3 epic bosses, a battle arena, artifact crafting, dozens of new items and skills, and a magic dungeon sure to challenge even the most seasoned vet. If that’s not enough, players can experience the game in a brand new light by taking advantage of a novel take on the new game+ option.

"While DLC for a JRPG is a rarity in itself, we aimed to exceed any expectations in order to absolutely blow the minds of our players. Our fan's conviction to Shadows of Adam is a testament to the quality we sought to achieve, and Guild of the Artificers is our parting gift recognizing their undying loyalty."
-Timothy Wendorf, Creative Director

"I'm beyond excited to release Guild of the Artificers to our fans. We've put a lot of heart into making this as great as possible. Something we couldn’t have done without all the support and feedback from our wonderful community of Shadows of Adam players."
-Tyler Mire, Composer and QA Maestro

Shadows of Adam is a classic JRPG fan’s dream come true. Shadows of Adam brings a compelling story, unique fast-paced battle system and modernized visuals to a beloved genre.

Guild of the Artificers

Built for the player who couldn't get enough of Shadows of Adam, the new Guild of the Artificers content adds user requested improvements, new gameplay modes, and expanded lore. It's the definitive version of the highly acclaimed JRPG.


  • New Game Plus: Replay the game from level 1 with all end game equipment and artifacts. The catch? All monsters get a buff to their power. Can you survive?
  • Battle Arena: Fight thrilling gauntlets of battles for rare and awesome rewards!
  • Artifact Crafting: Combine and craft your own unique artifacts. Mix and match your favorites to create the ultimate combination!
  • Black Market: Buy powerful items from the world's most illustrious shopkeepers!
  • Mystic Caverns: Legend says there is a mystical dungeon that holds some of the greatest treasure of all mankind. Be warned, monsters and puzzles of unfathomable power await you!
  • Higher Level Cap: Reach new heights with an extended level cap of 50. Demonstrate your prowess to unlock a high-level skill for each of the four heroes.
  • New Bosses: Take on 3 epic bosses designed to test the limits of your battle-hardened mettle.
  • New Achievements: Over 10 new achievements to unlock!


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Switch RPG
Over the years, many games have aspired to tap into the nostalgic reserves of retro JRPG fans, but few actually succeed in that endeavor. Shadows of Adam should be the gold standard for modern retro-inspired JRPGs. switchrpg.com.

RPG Gamer
It does enough things right that it should definitely be on every retro gamer’s radar. rpgamer.com.

Nintendo Life
With a strong menagerie of monsters to battle, a really catchy soundtrack of chiptunes and a set of funny if not wholly memorable characters, this bite-sized adventure is a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch and the legacy of the SNES. nintendolife.com.

Nintendo World Report
A solid 16-bit JRPG that could have easily been a game you played on your SNES. nintendoworldreport.com.

About Something Classic Games

Something Classic Games is a tiny independent video game developer with a team scattered across North America. We are dedicated to developing exceptional turn-based role-playing games with modern sensibilities. Our games are "designed for people with jobs", they are well polished titles that can be consumed piecemeal and are perfect for folks with limited time. Founded in 2013, our first commercial title was Shadows of Adam released in 2017. Since then, we have grown into a small independent game publisher and a work for hire development company. Our first published title was Pillars of Dust by Retreaux Games and our first work for hire project is the upcoming RPG, My Familiar.

More information
More information on Something Classic Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Shadows of Adam - Guild of the Artificers Credits

Tyler Mire
Composer, QA Maestro

Tim Wendorf
Art Director

Luke Wacholtz
Writer, Map Designer

Josh Garlitz

Tyler Deren

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