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Feb 23, 2017

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An outcast with a fearful power ventures out into the unknown world to save her father and herself. Shadows of Adam is a unique take on a classic genre. A retro JRPG built for the modern era.

Shadows of Adam is the self-proclaimed modern day successor to the oft-heralded classic JRPGs of the ‘90s. A shining example of sensibility through contemporary design: it takes antiquated systems tarnished by time and polishes them to a shining gold standard for the next generation of retro RPG gaming. Its incredible story is backed by world-class pixel art and nostalgia-inducing music that you’ll be humming for decades to come. Random encounters, mindless dungeons, and empty dialogue are all tossed aside, favoring instead, substance through simplicity: only the choicest cuts of story make the game; every battle provides a meaningful challenge; each map is its own expression of exploration and beauty.

The story follows an outcast with a fearful power who ventures out into the unknown world to save her father and herself. Along the journey, dangerous foes present an ever-growing challenge, and players will have to level up, find equipment, and learn new skills to overcome them. Combat takes place in a traditional turn-based battle system, albeit an upended one. Notable mainstays like ability points have been redesigned from the ground up to support faster paced battles where using powerful skills is an every round affair, and the only way to succeed is through careful planning. Dungeon exploration takes a similar turn where intent and purpose help drive the player’s decisions. Whether riding hot air vents in a smoldering volcano, battling Cthulhu-like plant monsters in a murky swamp, or solving puzzles crafted by ancient practitioners of magic, every step and turn in Shadows of Adam promises to offer some novel experience, guaranteeing thrills and twists that will keep players guessing until the very end.


  • 16-bit JRPG glory with a modern design
  • 10-12 hours of gameplay (12-14 if you never figure out how to run)
  • Delicious graphics (consume raw at your own risk)
  • A deep, character-driven story with lots of humor
  • No random encounters, you pick your battles
  • Blazing fast battles that will set your pants on fire
  • Four playable heroes with unique skills
  • Save anywhere! (In case you get the sudden urge to start replaying FF6.)
  • Inspired music you will find yourself humming twenty years from now


Shadows of Adam - Release Trailer YouTube

Shadows of Adam - Announcement Trailer 1 YouTube


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Switch RPG
Over the years, many games have aspired to tap into the nostalgic reserves of retro JRPG fans, but few actually succeed in that endeavor. Shadows of Adam should be the gold standard for modern retro-inspired JRPGs. switchrpg.com.

RPG Gamer
It does enough things right that it should definitely be on every retro gamer’s radar. rpgamer.com.

Nintendo Life
With a strong menagerie of monsters to battle, a really catchy soundtrack of chiptunes and a set of funny if not wholly memorable characters, this bite-sized adventure is a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch and the legacy of the SNES. nintendolife.com.

Nintendo World Report
A solid 16-bit JRPG that could have easily been a game you played on your SNES. nintendoworldreport.com.

About Something Classic Games

Something Classic Games is a tiny independent video game developer with a team scattered across North America. We are dedicated to developing exceptional turn-based role-playing games with modern sensibilities. Our games are "designed for people with jobs", they are well polished titles that can be consumed piecemeal and are perfect for folks with limited time. Founded in 2013, our first commercial title was Shadows of Adam released in 2017. Since then, we have grown into a small independent game publisher and a work for hire development company. Our first published title was Pillars of Dust by Retreaux Games and our first work for hire project is the upcoming RPG, My Familiar.

More information
More information on Something Classic Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Something Classic Games Credits

Tyler Mire

Tim Wendorf
Art Director

Luke Wacholtz
Writer, Map Designer

Josh Garlitz

Tyler Deren

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